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Posted Thu 13 July 2017

Telework in Australia

Telework in Australia

What is telework?

Telework is a general description for working from a place other than the main business office. It is used in businesses to describe the people who are working from home or from a remote location.  It can also refer to outsourced staff or freelancers who do not physically work  in the office of the main business.  

Quick quiz:  What is the percentage of Australian workers spend at least some of their time teleworking?

A) 10%

B) 20%

C) 50%

D) 70%

Answer is located further down this article.

Can I get a Job Teleworking?

Many businesses are more flexible these days and provide you with the opportunity to telework.  Working from home for yourself is also another option.


This blog aims to give you some great resources for people in Australia and overseas who are looking for teleworking opporunities and guidance.


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