Telework Australia

What Is Telework?

Telework is an innovative and flexible working practice that delivers many business benefits. This section presents the benefits organisations could expect and clarifies many of the misunderstandings.

Implementing Telework

Based on twenty years' experience we provide a best practice guide to implementing telework. There is also guidance for employees who want to start teleworking.

Teleworking Resources

We highlight some of the resources available through Telework Australia and also discuss the information and communication technology you might require.

Challenges & Opportunities

There are ways to overcome almost every challenge an organisation could face and there are opportunities that will make it easier to start a successful telework initiative. Find out how to take advantage of your situation.


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Latest Updates

  With the launch of DBCDE's telework web site in 2012 funding for this web site was withdrawn. However, all the resources that were provided as part of the fully-funded site continue to be available, although not all can be provided free.


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