DealsDirect purchase TopBuy

In a move that has not surprised many, DealsDirect has continued on it’s acquisition strategy with it’s latest big purchase, The company is intending on making TopBuy a subsidiary of it’s DealsDirect Group.

TopBuy currently have 200,000 active customers and along with this boost, DealsDirect will utilise the infrastructure that TopBuy currently have in place. The most important part of this infrastructure being the ability to ship goods to customers in Australia directly from China.

ToBuy has been around since 2007 and has an annual turnover of approximately 10 million dollars. They sell in similar categories as DealsDirect which includes electronics, clothing and home wares.

DealsDirect purchase TopBuy with  a mix of $325,000 in cash and shares in the company.

DealsDirect are also planning on more aquisitions into the future as they try to accelerate their growth plan.

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